the ask

Create an application that minimizes the volume of inbound calls and emails, improving customer service and increasing operational efficiency. We are particularly drawn to the Glide product, which provides students and people residing in shared accommodations with transparent data to anticipate energy consumption and promote energy savings.

We assembled a product team comprising two mobile developers, a designer, a product lead, and a part-time business analyst. By leveraging an agile/lean methodology, we collaborated closely with the client to deliver a cutting-edge product in an impressively short timeframe. We are particularly fond of the Glide product, as it empowers students and individuals living in shared accommodations to accurately forecast their energy usage and reduce consumption.


Design system

Market and product research

Mobile app for iOS and Android

Third-party API integrations

Native components in React

iphone in hand showing usage graph
iphone in hand showing add a service


“Reduce my time looking for solutions”

experience principles

We held many workshops with Glide and internally to discuss how we would best approach structuring the client’s needs. By coming up with user personas and experience principles, we could focus on the same goals with the client.



“An app built within our existing back-end”

technical requirements

We had to work hand-in-hand with the client engineering team to set up the development pipeline, make changes to their API endpoints, run back-end tests, and ensure the app would be consistent with the existing web portals.

row of five mobile devices with mockups
the process

We used a mix of Kanban and Scrum frameworks to work closely with the different teams. Glide provided us with custom-made APIs that we adapted alongside their product team and integrated within the app.

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