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We have an elastic product squad at Cercula and provide strategic advisory. #BigData #WebApp #Vue #Node #Typescript #UX #DesignSystem #Product #AgileCoaching

When meeting Cercula's founder, we were convinced that she was solving a big problem in the construction industry, which is a significant emitter of carbon. In mid-2022, Cercula was left with no technical cofounder and an MVP product that didn't perform well enough. We faced challenges to improve the matching algorithm (a core product feature), fix urgent issues, help the founder secure client pilots and develop a comprehensive product and funding strategy. Additionally, there were no methodologies and processes in place.


We worked on a brand-new mobile app milestones-based project. #App #ReactNative #Typescript #UIUX #ProjectManagement #AgileCoaching

Create an app to decrease the number of inbound calls and emails and, in turn, improve customer service and increase efficiency. We love the Glide product as it gives students and people living in shared accommodations a powerful tool to predict their energy usage and reduce consumption.


We have an elastic product squad at Solo60. #Website #App #ReactNative #Typescript #Product #AgileCoaching

Redesigning the company website, giving it a fresh look, adding value to Solo60 customers and partners, and supplying a product squad for the booking app building.


Yoann and Josh, our founders, teamed up as part of an agile contracting team within the HSBC IT Programme Project Management. #Website #UXUI #DigitalTransformation #NewProcesses #Agile

Replace three legacy websites (hundred of content pages) to simplify access to delivery and change content (guides and training materials). The goal was to help product and project teams adopt Agile massively.


Yoann, CEO and founder, was a co-founder at Pop & Rest and was involved in the startup’s development and growth. #WebApplication #React #Node #Startup #Fundraising #DigitalStrategy

YJC has supplied a team of freelancers and contractors from our collective to deliver a brand-new web application and the end-to-end ecosystem equipping the Pop & Rest pods. We also provided a freelancer to work on digital campaigns, SEO and strategic partnerships.