YConsult Projects

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YJC delivered a brand-new ReactNative app for Glide to help students better manage their utility bills, check their broadband and contact customer service. Having a positive impact is at the core of our mission; therefore, we're proud of the app that directly contributes to saving energy in students and shared accommodations.

Create an app to decrease the number of inbound calls and emails and, in turn, improve customer service and increase efficiency. We love the Glide product as it gives students and people living in shared accommodations a powerful tool to predict their energy usage and reduce consumption.


Implement new design systems and enhance the e-commerce checkout steps across Acardia brands. Our creative partner, Josh, led an on-demand team to redesign all journeys completely.

Enhance the purchase check-out conversion rate and optimise UI changes across various e-commerce sites that belong to Arcadia Group.


Yoann and Josh, our founders, teamed up as part of a Scrum team within the HSBC IT Programme Project Management.

Replace three legacy websites (hundred of content pages) to simplify access to delivery and change content (guides and training materials). The goal was to help product and project teams adopt Agile massively.


Yoann, our technology partner, is also a co-founder at Pop & Rest and is involved in the startup’s development and growth.

YJC has supplied a team of freelancers and contractors from our collective to deliver a brand-new web application and the end-to-end ecosystem equipping the Pop & Rest pods. We also provided a freelancer to work on digital campaigns, SEO and strategic partnerships.