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We have an elastic team at Cercula and provide strategic advisory. #BigData #WebApp #Vue #Node #Typescript #UX #DesignSystem #Product #AgileCoaching

After our initial meeting with the founder of Cercula, we became convinced that she was addressing a major issue in the construction sector - namely, the industry's substantial carbon emissions. However, by mid-2022, Cercula lacked a technical cofounder, and their MVP product was not meeting expectations. Our team faced several obstacles, including enhancing the matching algorithm (a crucial product component), resolving urgent issues, assisting the founder in securing client pilots, and devising a comprehensive product and funding strategy. Furthermore, there were no established methodologies or procedures in place.


We worked on a brand-new mobile app milestones-based project. #App #ReactNative #Typescript #UXUI #ProjectManagement #AgileCoaching

Create an application that minimizes the volume of inbound calls and emails, improving customer service and increasing operational efficiency. We are particularly drawn to the Glide product, which provides students and people residing in shared accommodations with transparent data to anticipate energy consumption and promote energy savings.


We have an elastic team at Solo60. #Website #App #ReactNative #Typescript #Product #AgileCoaching

Redesign the company website, enhancing its visual appeal and adding value to Solo60 customers and partners. In addition, we are tasked with forming a product squad to build the new mobile app.


Yoann and Josh, our founders, teamed up as part of an agile contracting team within the HSBC IT Programme Project Management. #Website #UXUI #DigitalTransformation #NewProcesses #Agile

Replace three legacy websites comprising hundreds of content pages to streamline access to delivery and enable content changes such as guides and training materials. This undertaking is intended to facilitate the widespread adoption of Agile among product and project teams.


Yoann, CEO and founder was a co-founder at Pop & Rest and was involved in the startup’s development and growth. #WebApplication #React #Node #Startup #Fundraising #DigitalStrategy

We assembled a team of freelancers from our collective to develop a new web application and the entire end-to-end ecosystem supporting the Pop & Rest pods. Additionally, we furnished a freelancer to manage digital campaigns, SEO, and strategic partnerships.