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Replace three legacy websites comprising hundreds of content pages to streamline access to delivery and enable content changes such as guides and training materials. This undertaking is intended to facilitate the widespread adoption of Agile among product and project teams.

The success of this project served as the foundation for our desire to deepen our collaboration and establish YJC. Our primary challenge was to ensure that one hundred product teams complied with HSBC control standards when implementing changes (either to products or projects). In addition, we were responsible for developing a user-friendly interface that enabled bank technology staff to effortlessly access guides and training materials on product and project methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe.


Created technical documentation on Confluence

Delivered a brand-new internal website aimed at 40k+ people

Coached teams to transition to Agile ways of working (Scrum, SAFe)

Supported the adoption of a new control framework used by the bank globally

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"Moving vast amounts of content into a new user-friendly stop-shop website."

research & experience principles

We spent the first three months at HSBC researching to develop a set of design principles, build the new website, and organise stakeholder forums to run ideas, collect feedback, and get sign-off on the multiple assets to produce.



“Making a new website in a complex environment.”

technical requirements

We had to introduce a new CMS to HSBC and develop the website and ensure accessibility and quality standards were met.

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the process

Working closely with the consultants at Capco, we designed a solution to scale content distribution from three legacy websites. By standardising our approach to some of these designs, we could quickly turn around business requirements in designing. We worked closely with the brand standards team to adhere to accessibility standards. HSBC focused on customers' external websites but did not emphasise internal website experience aligned with branding. Ultimately, our website was one of the first to align with branding standards and was recognised as one of the best in-house one-stop shops for technology content across all bank divisions.

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